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Jul 25, 2011 6:00pm EDT
the redskins players. back to you. >> all right, one deal done, another big deal to go. brett, thank you for that. >>> now, today, we're hearing the other side of the story in the sex case against strauss- kahn. liz accuser is come -- his accuser is coming out. >> god is my witness, aisle telling the truth. >> she's the hotel maid who said that the former monetary fund attacked her when he was in his hotel room. in an interview with abc news, he gave her side of the story. >> i turned my head and he came to me and grabbed my breast, no, you don't have to be sorry. i said stop that, i don't want to lose my job. >> and he also talked to news week. now, strauss-kahn has denied those accusations and out on bail. prosecutors say that the case is weak because they have evidence that she lied about her history and her background. now, strauss-kahn's lawyer says what happened in that hotel room was consensual. >>> a local psychiatrist is killed by one of their patients. we'll have more on that ahead. >>> but first, local investigators are tracking an arsonist. there's been nine suspicious fires
Jul 30, 2011 6:00pm EDT
a secondary effect on big businesses throughout the washington area. many are now having to implement a contingent plan in -- contingency plan in case of a no deal by tuesday. we explain on capitol hill why this is taking a toll on local markets. >> reporter: bruce, still the same, not a whole lot of activity up here, not one that's leading towards a solution, at least. now business leaders here in washington say they're getting ready to take a hit, one that they're describing as an embarrassment to washington. nine of the 15 counties in the country, the top ones are here, this really is embarrassing and it's a travesty because it's going to make money more expensive for those counties and those counties have never had any problem. >> reporter: jim dinegar is the ceo for the greater washington board of trade. he says as the time winds down toward a debt default on tuesday, business leaders in the washington area are growing frustrated and concerned of the ripple effect that a no deal will cause. dinegar explains of the $fourteen.3 debt is defaulted on, area businesses could crash and
Jul 7, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. we talked about that yesterday. and this is a pretty big storm. it was a pretty big storm just to the south and it will roll across 97 and eventually in this area. keep that in mind traveling between 97 back toward 50. we will go farther north. this is a storm we showed you earlier and mt. arie. pretty good storm. sugar low. rainfall rates 1 inch an hour in that particular storm. we still have the storm that is back in the mountains and that storm also will produce some heavy rains headed towards winchester at this hour. now in the next hour where will they go? this is going to move essentially down 270, approaching frederick. this will move across the bay. monster storm. it will become a marine warning for the northern bay. hail and heavy rain. the storm is back at the northwest. diminishing a little bit in intensity. 94 right now downtown. 90 in manassas. 93 in leesburg. plenty hot. should stay dry for the nats game. cold front sinks south. muggy with storms tonight. more storms tomorrow. flash flood watch goes into effect tomorrow. hot and less humid over the weekend. so for
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3